St Matthew's - Sunday School at St Matthew’s is an exciting and vibrant place in which youngsters can explore faith, learn Bible stories, make friends and enjoy spending time together. We have a great team of teachers and helpers who volunteer once a month to work with a particular class. The children enjoy the variety and enthusiasm this creates. When there are five Sundays in a month, or on other special occasions, we meet as a big group for creative exploration of a theme or story.
The children meet in classrooms in St Matthew’s school, in four age groups –

Pre-schoolers from age 3 upwards = Sunbeams;                           Year R-1 = Starbursts; 
Year 2-3 = Dazzle;                                                                                 Year4-6 = Galaxy.



It is a joy to see the children developing from the scribbling and simple games of Sparklers to the maturity and engagement of Extreme. Along the way they will have experienced drama, music, craft, storytelling, prayer, worship, games, videos and more. As they spend time together they learn about themselves and each other as well as about God.
Any children at St Matthew’s church, or those visiting, are welcome to join Sunday School at any time from the age of 3 upwards. Once children start high school they move to MAD group which also meets during the morning service.

We are always on the lookout for new members of the Sunday School band. We take players of all instruments from age 8. If you would like to practise in advance, we have some short sound recordings of the songs, for you to play along with. Rather than printed music, we play from chords and we play notes which work with the songs from the chords. There are two versions of the chords - one for those whose instruments play normal pitch (violin, cello, guitar etc.) and one for instruments which transpose (eg trumpet, clarinet etc.) Have fun playing along and we look forward to seeing you on the third Sunday of the month during term time.

I'm gonna jump up and down           Amazing           Jesus is my rock             Trust in the Lord



Every week the children are asked to bring in a small amount of money for the collection, and this money is spent supporting a little boy called Samuel, who lives in Kenya. We sponsor him through the charity Compassion.

To meet this commitment we have to raise at least £25 per month so please bear this in mind when giving your child their collection money - thank you!

You can read more about Samuel , or

go to the Compassion website